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1) Landscape Construction :
Modern Farms & Gardens offers the best service in handling both small & large project under strict  quality craftsmanship. Our landscape designs are designed by the most qualified and creative brains in the industry who ensure that your garden will only look more beautiful in the years to come giving you a sense of fulfillment. So, sit back and enjoy healthy results. Let Modern Farms & Gardens do the rest.

2) Garden Maintenance :
A beautiful garden needs regular care to took its best. If neglected , a huge investment goes unnoticed. Allow Modern Farms & Gardens to visit your location and recommend suitable maintenance programs. Our tailor made programs will ensure that your garden maintain a green halo. We also undertake Complete rejuvenation of neglected gardens restoring them to their past glory.

3) Water Falls, Fountains and Rockeries :
We Specialize in beautiful waterfalls bringing home the natural formation seen only in the hill & mountains. Fountains & Rockeries of all sizes add to the beauty of the garden bringing in the a additional touch of freshness.

4) Garden Centre :
Everything and anything required for your garden including flowering, vegetable seeds, tools & Implements, insecticides & fungicides, plant growth hormones, fertilizer, soil, manure, sprinkler & drip equipment are available in abundance at our showroom. Our qualified garden specialist will visit your site and recommend the best-suited plants, manure etc. to help you create your garden.

5) Nursery Men :
MFG has one of the largest nursery covering 25 thousand square feet of luscious greenery covering the A to Z of landscaping and gardening material including ornamental & foliage plants, tree saplings, readymade lawn turf, bonsai, rocks & boulders, pebbles, etc. convenient location in the heart of the city.

6) Customised Services :
Constant innovation has been one of the Modern Farms & Gardens key strengths. To keep in pace with today’s growing demands we offer.

Instant Landscaping :
Complete grass cover for your courtyard within days. Hence, you can enjoy the beauty of mature Landscapes without waiting for years.
Garden Specialist Panel :
MFG’s garden expert are always available at your convenience to visit your location and help you turn Your dream garden into reality. We specialize in visiting your location, analysing the site, preparing  estimates and creating layouts for your needs. Our qualified staff includes site supervisors skilled gardeners, in-house landscape architects, raw material specialists, Horticulture officers, irrigation & drip specialist, counter staff, etc. to cater to all your needs. All the above at attractive terms.


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